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Thank you for visiting our site. I am Rima, one of the team at Print It Your Way. We love what we do, in fact we’re passionate about it and always on the lookout to find new and interesting things that will capture your imagination, inspire you and elevate your spirit. Remal is all about higher energies right from the moment you wake up in the morning with an uplifting mug of coffee:When I think of you Mug

All through the day:

Fit Machine Yoga Leggings

One of the things that truly inspire me here is the Remal Collections; an exclusive art work just for our visitors created exclusively to us. So I guarantee that you’ll never find it any where else.

All the team here are:

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We really are!

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Anything you’re passionate about, or a cause you believe in!

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You tell us and we’ll do it.

Simple as that!


Whether it’s on a t-shirt, mug or handbag, we will do it exactly your way. Your print-Your say! This is our promise to you.

Hug me Mug the Remal Collection

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Don’t let the SAND get under your nails!


Remal Mug Collection

The Remal Collections are all about elegance, graceful charm and sheer delight, blend that with excellent quality, stunning design and beautiful style and there you have it nothing short of exquisite taste. But never forget:

‘ Don’t let the SAND get under your nails!’Christmas gifts

‘PTA at Schools’

Partnership with school scheme

To all PTA committees at schools, raise cash for your school through our ‘Partnership With School Scheme’ the scheme aims to encourage creativity and ignite a passion for creative arts in our children whilst raise funds for school through our profit share.Partnership with school scheme

If you are interested in this excellent scheme, please get in touch where we can discuss it further and hopefully come to a mutual co-operation. Please email me at:


For the attention of Rima.

Look forward to hearing from you so we can make a difference!Partnership with school scheme